Patient Testimonials

At Evansville Surgical Associates, we have the privilege of providing surgical care to thousands of patients each year. Below are excerpts from the expressions of gratitude we’ve received from a few of those patients.

Dr Patterson was very quick in diagnosing my problem and scheduling the procedure in a timely manner. He made me and my family feel at ease and put our mind at rest about this intricate procedure. He went above and beyond in explaining what to expect during and after care for my procedure. I love Dr Patterson as my doctor and have recommended him to my family and friends for their healthcare needs. In my opinion he is excellent in his profession.


My varicose veins slowly developed after my son was born, over 19 years ago. I kept putting treatment off because I am a very active individual and don’t like the idea of surgery. At age fifty, I teach kickboxing and aerobics, but the pain in my veins really began to effect my function. Dr. Gade gave me a new lease on life! I can now kick like I did when I was 25! The surgery was so easy and painless, and I can move and jump without pain. Here’s the thing—I had no idea how much my legs hurt UNTIL he removed the insufficient veins. For almost 20 years, the pain grew so incrementally slow, that I didn’t realize how bad they were until they were removed. I can’t thank Dr. Gade enough for making me feel like I’m 25 years old again! It’s rare to have such a skilled surgeon with such a great bedside manner! I love Dr. Gade and highly recommend him for any vascular needs.


Dear Dr. Schymik, 
Thank you for doing my surgery.  Thank you for holding my hand while I was going to sleep – it helped a lot.
Thank you very much,


Dr. Schymik and Jennifer, 
You are a good team. Thank you for helping me become cancer free before 2013!
Most sincerely,


Dr. Schymik, 
I want you know how appreciative I am for your excellent care and concern during my surgery and recent hospitalization. I am doing well and plan to continue on the right path to full recovery.
Thank you,


My name is Lory and I have breast cancer!  I met with Dr. Vassy  on March 18, 2013 to discuss my surgery options.  I had found out four days earlier that my biopsy was positive and I had cancer in my left breast.  Nothing prepares you for this news and it literally turns your world upside down. Before and after the surgery, Dr. Vassy was always there, explaining what was going to happen, always truthful, never candy-coating anything, but always giving me hope. I was even more afraid to have the port placed which would be used to infuse the Chemotherapy, but again, Dr. Vassy did a wonderful job and I have now completed my second round of therapy. I did not know Dr. Vassy before, but now I know he is not only a skilled surgeon but a very compassionate and caring individual.  He is never too busy to calm my fears, to support me and listen when I feel like this is just too hard, and he empathizes with my family who are going through their own fears and emotions. The staff at Evansville Surgical Associates are all caring and helpful.   They treat patients with respect and give us confidence that we have chosen the right doctor and we are in good hands.