Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Evansville Surgical Associates now offers patients an array of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures for both adults and children. Our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. J. Frederick Doepker, has nearly 40 years of surgical expertise, including breast reconstruction after mastectomy, breast augmentation, skin cancer removal and cosmetic surgical procedures.

Whether your surgical needs are medically necessary or arise from a desire to improve your appearance, Evansville Surgical Associates strives to give you the results you want with the highest levels of safety and professionalism.

Plastic & Reconstructive surgical procedures include:

Abdominosplasty -  Also known as a “tummy tuck,” this is a common cosmetic surgery that makes the abdomen more firm. Usually done on an outpatient basis, this procedure can dramatically improve the appearance of stretch marks, hanging skin and so called “love handles.”

Basel Cell – Basel cell carcinoma is a kind of skin cancer that is considered highly curable with both surgical and non-surgical therapy, especially if treated early.  If surgery is required, the surgeon will cut out the cancerous area and then reconstruct the wound to maintain a more normal appearance.

Blepharoplasty – This procedure reshapes the upper or lower eyelid by removing or repositioning excess tissue, as well as by reinforcing supporting muscles or tendons. This procedure is usually done under a local anesthesia.

Brachioplasty – Often with age or weight loss, upper arm skin can become loose and appear out of proportion with the rest of the arm. Also known as an “arm lift,” this procedure removes loose skin and excess fat deposits in the upper arms in order to tighten and define their shape.

Breast Augmentation – This procedure enlarges and reshapes the breasts with silicone gel or saline implants.  Often requested for aesthetic reasons, this procedure is also done to reconstruct the breast after mastectomy or to correct genetic deformities.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction – This procedure is an option for women who have lost a breast due to cancer or other conditions. During a breast reconstruction, the plastic surgeon will create a breast shape using an implant, tissue from another part of the body, or both.

Breast Mastopexy – Women’s breasts change over time, often due to pregnancy, breast feeding, weight fluctuations and hereditary factors.  Also known as “breast lift” surgery, this procedure raises and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the breast.

Breast Reduction – Also known as reduction mammoplasty, this procedure is often requested to alleviate the physical discomfort or self-consciousness associated with overly large breasts. Breast reduction surgery removes excess fat and skin, resulting in a breast size in proportion to the body.

Cysts – Though cysts are generally harmless and do not need to be removed for medical reasons, they can be unsightly if they are in a cosmetically sensitive area. Surgical removal of cysts is typically done on an outpatient basis with a local anesthetic.

Gynecomastia – This procedure is a surgical correction for over-developed or enlarged breasts in men. 

Lipomas – A lipoma is a knot of fatty tissue usually found just below the skin in areas around the trunk, shoulders, neck and armpits. In many cases, lipomas do not need to be treated, but depending up their location, patients may wish to have them removed for aesthetic reasons.

Liposuction – Also known as lipoplasty, this procedure slims and reshapes areas of the body by removing excess fat that has not responded to exercise or good eating habits. Liposuction is often used to treat stubborn fat pockets in the abdomen, waist, thighs, hips, buttocks, arms, neck and back.

Melanoma – Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer, and surgical intervention is recommended in nearly every case.  Treatment may require surgical removal of cancerous skin lesions using techniques that preserve your health and maintain normal appearance.

Otoplasty – This surgical procedure improves the shape, position or proportion of the ear. If protruding or misshapen ears bother you or your child, you may wish to consider this kind of plastic surgery.

Torn Earlobe – Earlobes can tear due to accident or injury, or after wearing heavy earrings for an extended period of time.  Ear lobe repair is a relatively simple and effective procedure that can be performed under a local anesthesia. 

The following Evansville Surgical Associates surgeons specialize in this procedure: