Common Questions

Here are several questions we often hear from our patients. If you have other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask your surgeon or staff. We are here to help you.


How do I set up an appointment with an Evansville Surgical Associates Surgeon?

You can schedule an appointment with one of our surgeons by calling (812) 424-8231 or (800) 264-8231 as well as requesting an appointment on our Request an Appointment page.


How soon can I get an appointment with a Surgeon?   

Consultation appointments are typically made within two days, while surgery is usually scheduled within 1-2 weeks, sometimes sooner depending on the urgency and availability.


Do I have to have a referral to see a surgeon?

No, we have many elective surgeries that do not require a referral, but you should check with your insurance company.


Do you have a payment plan?

Depending upon your insurance plan, you may have to pay all or part of your bill out of pocket. If you feel that this will cause a financial burden, our Practice Administrator would be happy to discuss possible solutions.


What if I don’t have insurance?

Evansville Surgical Associates will try and do what we can to help as many patients as possible. Please call (812) 424-8231 for financial information.


Is there anything special I need to do before my surgery?

Your surgeon and staff will give you specific instructions regarding preparation before surgery. Most commonly, the surgeon will tell you to fast before the surgery, meaning do not eat or drink anything after midnight. Always remember that you are in good hands - try to relax and do your best to get a good night’s sleep before surgery.


What do I do after my surgery?

You will either call into the office or a follow-up appointment will be scheduled within the next 7 to 10 days.


May I take a bath or shower after my surgery?

Bathing restrictions are different for every patient, depending on your surgery. The surgeon or nurse will let you know when you may take a bath. Showers are normally recommended initially to help keep the dressing and sutures dry.


What should I do if my incision seems red or inflamed, begin to run a fever, or just do not feel right?

Redness or inflammation around the incision is common after surgery. As the incision begins to heal, the redness and tenderness should gradually diminish. If it worsens or you begin to run a fever, please call the office immediately at (812) 424-8231.


Where will I have surgery?

Our 23 surgeons have privileges at Deaconess Hospital, Deaconess Gateway, St. Mary’s Hospital, St. Mary’s Warrick, Daviess Community Hospital, and Methodist Hospital.  Surgeries are also preformed at the surgery centers at Deaconess, Gateway, and St. Mary's.