Colon Cancer Screening Pledge

Evansville Surgical Associates’ surgeon Dr. Anthony Kaiser has joined with Deaconess Hospital in their pledge to increase colon cancer screenings to 80% by 2018 as part of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. 

Colon cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death among cancers affecting both men and women in the Tri-State, and is considered a major public health problem.

“Beginning around age 50, colon cancer screenings should be an important part of your healthcare routine,” said Dr. Kaiser. “People with increased risk factors, such as a family history of colon cancer or inflammatory bowl disease, should consider earlier and more frequent screenings.”

According to Linda White, president and CEO of Deaconess Health System, “The goal is to have a minimum of 80% of people meeting screening criteria be screened by the year 2018. We know it will require much collaboration and effort to achieve this worthwhile goal over the next four years.”

“As with many other cancers, early detection leads to better outcomes and increased survival rates,” said Anne Wenderoth of the American Cancer Society.

“This national initiative, to improve screening rates to 80% by 2018, is projected to prevent 200,000 colorectal cancer deaths in the U.S.”

Colon cancer screening includes several recommended options, including colonoscopy, stool tests, and sigmoidoscopy. Patients should discuss with their physicians what screening test and screening schedule is right for them, based upon family history and individual health circumstances.

To learn more about colorectal screenings, call 812-424-8231 or 800-264-8231.